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Edging Drainage erosion-control

Careful erosion control

You can prevent water pollution and avoid losing valuable real estate when you let EarthWorks!! control the erosion on your residential or commercial property.

Uncontrolled runoff can be extremely expensive and destructive. Water ends up in your buildings, you can lose quality topsoil, and good land can become unusable.


Erosion can also cause wildlife habitat loss and pollute the natural waterways. When you have us prevent erosion, you invest in a long-term strategy that saves land and money while it protects the environment.

Cost-effective erosion prevention

You can let us construct effective drainage systems that direct water in constructive, beneficial ways. We have over 45 years of experience, and we account for all the factors.

Effective erosion solutions

You can count on EarthWorks!! We stand behind everything we do.

  • Drainage

  • Surface flows

  • Sub-surface high water tables

  • Waterways, ditches, swales, and slopes

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